Practice Areas

Insurance Law

Through subrogation, various insurers have displayed their confidence in the firm for representation in litigated and arbitrated disputes with a specific aim at defending insured entities and individuals in a wide variety of matters, including credit insurance, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, and work site accidents and exposures.

The firm has acted for a myriad of national and multinational companies across several industries providing sound advice in relation to a range of complex commercial insurance matters.  Our firm provides a complete solution across all commercial, regulatory and dispute resolution matters relating to insurance law.

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Debt Recovery

The firm practices in the areas of commercial debt collection and the enforcement of creditors' rights.  Our debt collection clients include insurance companies, large and small corporations, banks and other lenders, accountants, consultants and other professionals.

We strive to make it a practice of assimilating the facts of a case, a clients goals, and the status of the law, to develop a plan of action that is aggressive, realistic and cost-effective.  This in turn translates into great results for our clients.

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Contract Law

Contract formations may be very tricky, and if a contract is not properly written, the results for potential liability can be tremendous.  Everyday individuals and businesses enter into various types of contracts, and usually contracts are not being properly documented in writing and people unreasonably rely on a handshake or oral agreement that provides very little to no protection most of the time.

Solid contracts are the foundation of any business transaction.  Artfully drafted, the right contract will serve to solidify your position and protect your interests.  You can rest assured that every angle has been contemplated and provided for.  The Firm's aim is not just to advise its clients respecting the legal aspects of structuring and documenting the transaction, but also how that will impact the underlying business deal points.

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Insolvency Law

Insolvency law in South Africa refers to a status of diminished capacity imposed by the courts on persons and entities who are unable to pay their debts, or whose liabilities exceed their assets.

Our insolvency team primarily focusses on personal and corporation liquidations, sequestrations, compositions, offers of compromise, business rescue and the implications of insolvency for industrial and commercial transactions.

Business rescue, alongside liquidations, have far reaching effects on various entities which includes creditors, money lending institutions and shareholders, and our team is able to provide their expertise to all interested and affected parties on strategic decisions pertaining thereto.

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Operating a business often comes with challenges.  Disputes may not be inevitable no matter how reasonable you act in your dealings in the business world.

Civil litigation requires a nimble, multi-layered approach.  At certain points, that may mean an aggressive "no holds barred" tactic of bringing the matter to trial as quickly as possible, while at others, the clients may be better served by a more conciliatory approach towards settlement. Indeed, sometimes the most appropriate approach is to adopt a combination of the two, such as alternative dispute resolution as a precursor to a possible trial. The key is to tailor the approach in accord with each client's preferences and needs.

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Company Law

Our corporate and commercial work is at the heart of our practice.  The firm services a broad range of international and local clients in a variety of industry sectors.   The depth of our expertise enables us to advise on complex commercial transaction and negotiations.

Our firm works closely with clients and companies from a diverse range of industries, advising corporate clients, company board members, officers and directors, and investors on best practices and corporate governance.  As government regulatory initiatives continue to emerge with greater complexity and enforcement measures expand, our team provides clients with expertise for compliance in relation thereto.

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Property Law

South African Property law regulates "the rights of people in or over certain objects or things".  We assist our clients in all legal matters relating to property and construction.

We understand that prodigally spending resources on unnecessary legal fees can easily undermine any business and for this reason, our firm seeks to always provide legal guidance which provides for a return on investment.

In an environment complicated by frequent changes in the law, our attorneys' extensive transactional and litigation experience allows us to actively and effectively protect our clients' interests.

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Sports Law

The practice of sports law can touch upon a wide variety of practice areas, including labor and employment, contracts, insurance, and regulatory matters and is well suited to our diverse practice.

We work to establish a broad understanding of our clients and their particular circumstances, which allows us to craft unique approaches and pursue novel theories to successfully defend and protect the rights of our clients.

Our sports law clients value our insights, discretion and wide-ranging areas of practice expertise, and have also retained us to represent them in advisory capacities in matters unrelated to their profession.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm has the size and expertise to staff a team of experienced, thorough and aggressive lawyers to handle acquisitions, sales or mergers of privately held or publicly traded businesses.  

The firm is experienced in all aspects of buying and selling businesses, strategic planning, evaluating and screening prospects, and negotiating, structuring, financing and closing a transaction.   We adopt a "win-win" philosophy in commercial transactions.  Our goal is to drive the process to a successful conclusion in as short a period of time as possible.

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